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At Sky Command Aviation, we provide a comprehensive range of aviation services to meet your flying needs. Whether you're an aspiring pilot or an experienced aviator, we offer expert flight instruction and ground instruction to help you achieve your goals. Our personalized consultation services ensure that we tailor our approach to your unique aviation ambitions.

For those looking to take their first step into the world of aviation, our discovery flights offer an exhilarating experience. If you require contract pilot services, we have you covered with skilled and reliable pilots. Sky Command Aviation is your trusted partner in the skies, providing exceptional aviation services designed to take you to new heights.


RYAN BAILLIE - Owner & Instructor

Meet Ryan, a dedicated aviator. Ryan discovered his love for flying when he was young when his WWII Veteran grandfather would build airplane models with him and show him books of warbirds, as well as visit the airport when the warbirds came around. When he was 12 he took his first flight as part of the aviation merit badge with the EAA Young Eagles program. That is when he knew it was something he needed more of. In 2017 Ryan purchased a 1977 Piper Warrior II which he trained in and earned his private certificate with in March of 2018.

Since then Ryan took up flying as a hobby and a passion. He has flown his airplane all over the country to include mountains, deserts, big cities and islands alike, and through some of the world's busiest airspace.

In 2020 Ryan decided to pursue aviation as a career and earned his Instrument, Commercial (Single/Multi), Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine Flight instructor, Advanced Ground Instructor, and Instrument Ground Instructor Ratings.

After teaching full time for approximately one year, Ryan was hired with a passenger jet service in April 2022 where he flew the Embraer ERJ-145 and ERJ-135. After being a first officer for approximately 9 months, he was promoted to Captain in January 2023. As of August 2023, Ryan was hired by a major airline as a First Officer flying the Boeing 737.

His true passion lies in sharing his aviation expertise with others. Ryan takes the time to provide personalized instruction, ensuring that his students fully comprehend the art of flying.

Beyond teaching, Ryan loves taking his friends and animals for adventure and vacation flights. He extends his skills to humanitarian missions, assisting abused and troubled animals in finding safe destinations, and medical patients that need to fly from one point to another to get treatment, and being an EAA Young Eagles pilot so other kids can take their first flights just like he did. You might have seen him in action, like when he helped Miss Violet the chicken fly from Modesto to Napa to a sanctuary where she is currently living her best life (photo to left).

Ryan also loves helping keeping the aviation community alive and is currently the vice president of both the Mt. Diablo Pilots Association as well as EAA Chapter 393, both at Buchanan Field in Concord, CA (KCCR). Ryan is also a member of the Sheriff's Air Squadron, supporting their mission with aviation resources.

Start your aviation journey with a consultation from Ryan and experience his commitment to making your flying ambitions a reality. Whether you want to use your aviation skills for fun, volunteering/public benefit flying, or as a career, Ryan will help you get there and have a blast along the way.



Safety is paramount in aviation. Sky Command Aviation prioritizes the safety of our customers above all else. We maintain the highest standards of safety in all our operations, ensuring that every flight and every training session is conducted with the utmost care and diligence.


Our commitment to expertise sets us apart. We are dedicated to providing the most knowledgeable and experienced instructors, pilots, and consultants in the industry. With us, you can trust that you're learning from the best and receiving top-tier services.


Every customer is unique, and we recognize that. Sky Command Aviation is built on the principle of personalized service. We tailor our instruction, flights, and consulting to meet your specific needs and goals, ensuring a customized and memorable experience for each customer.

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